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Meet Cindy Robinson

Cindy is an educational consultant, presenter, coach and keynote speaker. She has been an educator for the past 24 years, both as a teacher and principal.  Cindy has dedicated her career to partnering with administrators, teachers and students to make a difference in the classroom. She has been sharing her passion for teaching and learning both nationally and internationally and she brings unmatched energy and optimism to every presentation, showing audiences the power of building strong classroom communities and how having a positive mindset is the first step to professional and personal successes.

Her goal is to transform how we look at building community in the classroom and to support teachers, leaders, and schools in creating strong supportive learning communities that benefit everyone. Cindy believes that every member of the school community deserves to grow, learn and work in an environment that is supportive, inclusive and engaging.

Keynote and speaking topics

Build Community

Engage & Empower

Inspire & Transform

See Cindy in Action

Powerful professional development

Interactive Webinars

Game Changing Online-Interactive webinars

The A.C.C.T. Formula: Building Strong Effective Classroom Communities

Classroom Management Strategies That Really Work

10 Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset and How You Teach!

Restorative Practices for Teachers and Students

Online Challenges

Just think… PD in PJs, at the coffee house or anywhere you like!

So You’ve Built Community… Now What?” A 21 Day FB Challenge to Enhance and Sustain Strong Effective Learning Communities

Empower Your Teaching” 14 Day Mindset and Self Care Challenge

School Workshops

Meaningful Professional Development for any time of year

Building Unshakeable Learning Communities

Engage, Empower and Unleash Potential: Creating a Culture of Learning

Level Up Your Teaching: A Mindset and Self-Care Challenge

Consulting & Coaching

Take your school community to the next level

Fostering Effective Teams and Collaboration

Reflective School Discipline

Building a School-Wide Community: A Top Down, Bottom Up Approach

Cognitive Coaching


Absolutely Brilliant!

Expert content and delivery. A great educator with applicable and useful content.

Charles Chip McNeal, County Office of Teacher Instruction, CA


Cindy’s enthusiasm was contagious. The content and delivery was excellent. I have come away with lots of great ideas. Thanks!

Olivia Markham, Teacher, New Zealand


Reminded me of the practices that I know are so important for student / teaching success. I have materials to take back and share with the school that I work with on a regular basis.

Beth Talley, University of Georgia, GA


Cindy Robinson is a must see! Her presentation has something for everyone, no matter the grade/age level of the audience or the experience of the educators, She puts a fresh perspective on what you think you already know.

Mary Palin, Teacher & TRIBES Trainer, South Lake Tahoe CA

Just think… PD in PJs, from the coffee house or anywhere. Professional development has never been so easy. Transformational and ridiculously fun. Grab a cup of coffee and your bestie and join today!

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